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Editorial Services

“Successful writers are not the ones who write the  best sentences. They are the ones who keep writing. They are the ones who discover what is the most important and strangest and most pleasurable in themselves, and keep believing in the value of their work, despite with difficulties.”   –   Bonnie Friedman


Book Editing & Proof Reading

Editing and proof reading ensures that when you self publish your book, it is published and released in a professional language. There are two kind of editing services we provide.


Copy Editing and Proofreading (Basic)
In Basic copy editing and proof reading service we provide editing and proof reading of text to ensure that it is grammatically error free and consistence.

The cost of this is Rs.0.30 per word for English Text.

The cost of this is Rs.0.30 per word for Hindi Text.


Comprehensive Editing and Proofreading (Advance)
In Comprehensive editing and proof reading we ensure that the editing of language of book is done throughout keeping orientation towards concept, story plot, presentation and all other essential aspects.

The cost of this is Rs.0.60 per word for English Text.

The cost of this is Rs.0.50 per word for Hindi Text.

Design Services

Without an asthmatically pleasing design, no one can convince reader to read a book. Our creative design team helps author to design the book inside as well as cover title.


Book Cover Design

Cover creates the first impression of the book. Presence or absence of an attractive cover can make the different between whether or not your book will be picked up for reading.


Basic Cover Design

Price: Rs. 1,500


Premium Cover Design

Price: Rs. 3,000


Book Designing
In interior designing service we ensure that your beautiful manuscript gets converted to a professional book when it reaches readers.


Basic Interior Designing
In basic premium interior designing we setup the page margin, size, indentation, title texting of plain text manuscript, that is the book which doesn’t have any image or table like novel or poetry collections.

Price: From Rs. 1,500 onwards (based on complexity)


Advanced Interior Designing
Advanced interior designing is meant for interior of book which has images, tables, bullets, numbering, graphs and other advanced text. The books of academic genre are also falling under advanced text interior designing.

Price: From Rs. 3,000 onwards (based on complexity)

Marketing Services

Without a better and smart marketing plan, book cannot reach to its actual potential. We help author to market his book well in the market, both online and offline, as well as his own brand as an author.


Social Media Set-up & Promotion
Deciding to go for social media promotion is one of the smartest investments an author can make.


Social Media Set-up

Social media set-up includes setting up social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages) and activity on these pages to increase book visibility.

Price: Rs. 1,500


Social Media Campaign

Our Facebook Ads specialist identifies the target audience for the book and creates a custom Facebook Ad Campaign including text and banner ads. Campaign ad-budget is flexible and can be decided by the author in consultation with our specialist based on the audience and impressions being targeted.

Price: Rs. 1,500 (campaign setup charges plus one month campaign with a minimum daily ad-budget)


Google Search Marketing & Advertising on Google

Display ads on Google will help you reach potential readers worldwide by simply posting your book on content sites they visit online. Google reaches 90% of all Internet users in over 100 countries, making it one of the largest display networks around.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) places your ad on the search results page of web users searching keywords connected to your book.

Our specialist identifies the target audience for the book and creates a custom Google Ad Campaign

Price: Rs. 2,000 (campaign setup charges plus one month campaign with a minimum daily ad-budget)


Goodreads Account Set-up

Our Team will create a Verified Goodreads Account and list your book on your account.

Price: Rs. 1,500

Pre-order Listing on Amazon

Your book can be listed on Amazon for pre-order, so it can attract more readers and improve Bestsellers ranking before the release date.

Price: Rs. 1,000


Prime Listing on Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon)

List your book on can amazon in Prime listing category with fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), so it can attract more readers and get benefited by amazon prime membership promotional plans.

Price: Rs. 1,000

Online PR (Press Release)

Gaining media attention is an integral part of any impactful book marketing campaign. The first step to this is to announce your book’s availability through a professionally-written press release.

Online press release is submitted to various media outlets both Indian and International. This service helps is increasing the book’s visibility, increased book references and search engine optimization.

Price: Request a quote


Book Launch Event

A book launch function is an important way to release the book and create buzz about the same. A famous personality’s speech/panel discussion with the book release can add to the publicity of the book and coverage in the media. This service is provided in association with our PR partner agencies for professional event and media coverage.

Price: Request a quote


Print Advertisement

An author makes quite an effort to write and compile a book. Once the book is published, the next important step is to increase its visibility amongst the audience. Media coverage in newspapers is very effective for this purpose. An interview and a question-answer round with the journalists is organised in association with our PR partner agencies, whereby author shares his/her views about the book and addresses queries. This service is highly recommended to reach a wider audience.

Price: Request a quote


Video Trailer Launch
YouTube and Vimeo are the biggest platforms for videos and trailers. We will be creating a video teaser based on the theme of the book and it will be released on these sites. Apart from it, the video will be shared in social media as well. Video developers will read the blurb of the book and will discuss with you regarding the trailer before starting the process. The Trailer will reflect the theme of the book with 100% clarity and perfection since we are having professional video developer team.

Price: Request a quote


Author Website
Having an author website for every author is must. It is the platform through which your readers may know about yourself and about your book also. We provide one year of free hosting and domain along with service of author website designing. The service of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included in author website. Along with Book Promotion Services, you also need to focus on Author Branding and building an author profile of yourself.

Our web development team will work on your website such that it will be one of the top results on google and other search engines. You can update your website anytime by just creating a support ticket without any additional cost.

Price: Rs. 6,000


Posters/Flyers/Visiting Cards

We design custom marketing kit for your book including bookmarks, posters, flyers and visiting cards.

Price: Request a quote


Book Reviews

Our goal is to secure as many reviews as possible for your title. Over the years, we have compiled an extensive database of book reviewers of different genres worldwide. We will take your book to experienced reviewers that cover your genre. Cherry Publications India does this job for emerging self published authors in India. We will get the reviews written for our author’s book on various mainstream and relevant websites with great readerships. The book reviews will be posted on different online platforms we own as well as we will be providing the genuine Amazon and Goodreads Reviews as Well.

The best part of getting the reviews and releasing it online is, all the reviews will ensure first page entry on google whenever your book title or your name will be searched on any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Price: Request a quote

Author Interviews
We have decided to directly talk with authors acting as readers so that your readers across the globe will come to know about you and your book, what they actually want to know. Writing books always gives happiness, reading them is even more touching and talking with authors is at awesome. You are always welcomed to be interviewed by our book review experts.

After reading the complete book our team will ask you about 10-15 questions related to the theme and story of the book and those questions incorporated by your relevant answers will be posted on our and partnered website. Apart from the releasing of interview article, the interview will also be released on social media platforms as well.

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 Author Feature

We will create a profile of yours on our partnered site and the information will be displayed there. This helps to increase your ranking in Google Search results when your name will be searched. Social Media Set-up

Distribution Services

India Online Distribution
We will make your book available on all leading ecommerce websites like Amazon.in, Flipkart, Infibeam, and our own online book store from where your readers can buy the paperback or Hardcover copy of your book.

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International Online Distribution
Amazon is the largest seller of books in the world operating online stores in most developed economies. Our International Distribution service will ensure your book’s availability across the Amazon network as a paperback version in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.

Price: Request a quote


Offline Distribution
It covers the distribution of your books in major book chains across India – like Oxford, Landmark & Crossword and other retail stores. Depending on our associations and availabilities, books will be available on major retailer stores.

Price: Request a quote


Other Services


Get a unique ISBN number and barcode for your book, issued by the Government of India.

Price: Rs. 1,000

Copyright Registration

Making your book available to the public is a major step in publishing as well as making sure that your work has appropriate copyright. Copyright registration establishes a public record of your work and a proof of ownership of your creative work. In the event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce a copy of the work from an official government source. We assist the authors in completing the copyright registration application with the Registrar of Copyrights, Government of India. On completion of the copyright application, you will receive a diary number. After verification, a copyright certificate is issued by the Registrar of Copyrights.

Price: Rs. 3,500


We provide translation services from English to various Indian Regional Languages and vice versa.

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We provide Ghost-writing services in English, Hindi and other Indian Regional Languages.

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eBook Conversion

Looking to convert your manuscript from PDF or handwritten notes to an MS Word document? Or EPUB?

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Print on Demand (POD) 

provides the quality printing with imported paper and strong binding of the books which looks amazing when someone holds in his hand.

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